About us
We have been Trading, Consulting and Providing
service worldwide for over 36 years from Jets to Jet skis
and other Specialty Products. Our Founder D. Joseph
Sandlin has flown over 100 different types of aircraft and
owned many. He has been an Airline Transport Pilot
rated in Boeing 747-400, Gulfstream Business Jets, and
DC-3's. A Certified Helicopter Instructor, Seaplane Bush
Pilot, all weather Cargo Carrier and a member of many
professional aviation organizations. Buying and Selling
all categories of Aircraft is one of many speciality
we have provided.

A worldwide staff of Aviation, Aerospace and Business experts
work to help meet the needs of the most demanding mission or

Emergency Response to Natural Disasters, building
Private Airports, Project , Business, Aircraft
Management or Rebuilding an Aircraft that's been
lacking Attention.
A wealth of knowledge our experience
provides a very unique view on the Aerospace Industry.
Oman to Oklahoma, Bell 47 helicopters to Boeing 747's
our experience is key to continued SUCCESS.
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