Acquisitions and Trading Services including Used or New
Aircraft, Parts and Ground Support Services or Equipment

Charters of all types; Aerial Construction, Ag Applications, Air
Cargo, and Response to any Disaster.

We helped the guys next door or on the other side of the world, modify and
upgrade their airplanes and helicopters, build/improve their business. Providing
the latest Tax and Regulation information for efficient strategies in owning and
operating aircraft. The present and sometimes confusing post 9/11
environments we help navigate. IF you need help we give plenty of free advise
and consulting, our published Analysis have been sold in 35 countries.


NorthShore Variables, LLC thru its Airways division is a multi-faceted business with the sole
purpose of providing specialized service to clients in virtually any aspect of aviation and aerospace.

With 32 years of aviation and aerospace experience, the company has traded and operated
aircraft ranging in size from transport-class airliners to helicopters. North Shore Airways has
provided consulting on aviation matters to major Corporations, Governments worldwide and
Individuals. We helped form airlines and developed educational efforts for flight schools. Served
R&D programs with government and industry addressing environmental challenges, in Airport
Design and Development.

Working with a team of professionals networked around the world, NorthShore strives to answer
questions and find a path to meet the needs of our clients whether that’s buying, building, selling,
training, flight department management or evaluation. Aircraft Modification and Maintenance. Our
basis of operation is to serve your special requirements..

Our professional network includes
Pilots, Mechanics, Researchers, Managers, Engineers
lanners, Designers, Architects, attorneys and Accountants that all are focused on aviation and
aerospace activities. That allows North Shore Airways to offer a wide range of services which
include; acquisition and brokerage services, worldwide aircraft charters, construction, parts,
ground support equipment and services. Co-ownership and fractional ownership is also a part of
the firm’s expertise.